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Take Your Child to Work Day, April 25, 2024

GHCM welcomed six of our employee’s children to our office in Fairfax for Take Your Child to Work Day. They received “Employee-in-Training” badges which were a big hit! Next up was a tour of the office and an assignment to ask employees what they do. They then helped with a community mailer, and a pizza lunch was enjoyed by all. 

The day ended with a scavenger hunt where a leader was assigned to each team.  They learned about leadership, listening skills and communication skills, and most importantly how to work as a team to achieve goals, which in this case was to complete the assignment to receive their goody bags.  


Parents reported the employee badges were taken to school the next day to share their special day with their classmates!

Administrative Professionals Day 2024

Celebrating and recognizing our administrative support team on April 24th for their hard work and invaluable contributions in the success of our company.  

We appreciate you and your efforts!